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Freestyle Motocross

Freestyle motocross, or "FMX," is an extreme subdiscipline of its parent sport. FMX sends athletes hucking enormous tricks from ramps and dunes. In these articles, you'll learn about the techniques, equipment modifications and athletes that push the sport to the next level.

Freestyle Motocross, Bond-Style
If you thought it would be a challenge to pull off the moves nailed by the stunt riders in the latest Bond film, think about what a job it must have been to keep up with them and think about a camera mounted to your bike. (Nice work, fellas.)

Kenny Bartram Takes to the Air
Freestyle motorcross is one of the only extreme sports that commonly takes place in front of a huge crowd. About.com Guide to Skateboarding went to check it out at the Dew Action Sports Tour, where there were some beautiful aerials in evidence.

Monster Energy Athletes Kill It at the 2013 LA X-Games
In the second Monster Energy podium sweep in X Games Moto X history, the guys in green gave riders from "that other energy drink" the what-for. Check out the gorgeous footage.

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Schedule 2013
The 2013 season for the Red Bull X-Fighters World tour might just include your neighborhood -- even if you live next to a bull-fighting ring in Madrid.

Night of the Jumps Captures the Munich X-Games
Couldn't make it to the X-Games in Munich? That's okay -- Night of the Jumps photographers Gerd Rose, Marcel Petke and Tobias Hannig did. In Issue #22 of NoTJ's "Smoothness" magazine, they share their awesome snaps of the Step up, Best Whip and Speed & Style Contest.

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