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How to Crash Without Burning


The saying goes that "take-offs are optional, but landings are mandatory." Sometimes, the mandatory landing isn't the one you would have chosen for yourself. Here's how to best avoid lasting damage.

Get Off the Ground in 3 Steps
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The Return of the King of Swoop

The biggest money, the best competitors and the poshest party skydiving has ever seen: the King of Swoop is back -- and it's pretty damn good.

Your BASE Jumping Gear Kit: A Starting-Point Checklist

Every fixed-object hound needs a well-stocked gear kit in addition to the basics required to simply survive the act of BASE jumping. Here's a checklist.

Your Skydiving Gear Bag: The Definitive Checklist

What goes into the perfect skydiving gear kit? Here's a checklist to get you started.

Girls Just Wanna Get Flying

The “girls-can’t-instruct-safely-in-the-tunnel” myth is one that cries out for busting, and one of the best arguments against it is Paloma Granero.

What Are the Basic Requirements to Skydive?

Freefall-curious? Here's a rundown of the basic requirements you'll need to meet in order to make a skydive.

Get Your Airsports Straight

If you're new to the idea, the four main airsports may seem very similar. They're not. Here's your quick guide to identifying the differences.

Paragliding Tree Landings 101

Even if you're a great pilot, there's a chance that you and your PG wing may meet a tree someday. Here's your 8-step guide to minimize the damage.

How to Land a Parachute in a Tree

Here's what to do if you discover that you’re about to be an impromptu Christmas ornament.

Ankle Protection for BASE Jumping: What You Need to Know

Even if you’ve never sustained an ankle injury in your airsports career, it’s well worth shoring up against. Here's what you need to know.

How to Execute a Perfect Parachute Landing Fall ("PLF")

The PLF remains one of an airsports athlete's most important tools to mitigate the injury potential of a bad landing. Here’s how it’s done.

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